Thursday, May 7, 2009

Go ask Dallas : Who are the other kings and queens in the Sookieverse?

Dear Dallas,

The naming of the actress to play Sophie-Anne made me think, how many of the Kings and Queens do we know in the books ?

Thanks, T

Hey T These are the ones I could come up with..did I miss anyone ?

Vampire kings and queens of the United States.

These are the Kings and Queens that we met so far in the Sookieverse, their name, the state they come from -as well as, their spouses, if we know them.

Kings Title Name Bk Spouse
King of Arkansas Peter Threadgill Bk6 LA
King of Florida
King of Indiana Bartlett Crow Bk7 MS
King of Kentucky Isaiah Bk7
King of Minnesota Bk7
King of Mississippi Russell Edgington Bk3 IN
King of Missouri Bk7
King of Nevada Felipe de Castro Bk8
King of Ohio Bk7 IA
King of Texas Stan Davis Bk2
King of Wisconsin Bk7 MN

Queens Title Name Bk Spouse
Queen of Alabama Bk7
Queen of Iowa Phoebe Golden Bk7 OH
Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne Leclerq SS AR
Queen of Minnesota Maude Bk7 WI

In bk 7 Sookie says ..
I glanced around the room at the other kings and queens, recognizable by their entourages. I hadn't seen them in a room all together before, and I counted. There were only four queens. The other twelve rulers were males.

Did I miss any ?