Thursday, May 7, 2009

True Blood Season 2 Blood Copy: It's Time

May 7th, 2009

Least I know why nobody called about my Andrew posters. Somebody’s been tearing them down. All of them.

I tried asking some people who worked nearby if they saw who did it. They said no, but one guy was lying, I think. He looked kinda nervous, kept shifting his eyes, then said he had to get back to work. There was nobody else in his store.

Guess it doesn’t matter now anyway. It’s only 20 minutes until my meeting.

I found the spot. It’s a bar, though you wouldn’t really notice by the outside. There’s no sign or anything.


I went inside early to look around. It was too crowded, so I left. That… and that some of the people inside…they’re just not what I’m used to. Nobody was talking, they just stared out. I think some of them might have been on d- Well, it’s not really nice to say bad things about people. Especially ones you don’t know.

I’ve gone through it in my head dozens of times. I’ve come up with three possibilities. One, Andrew met a girl. This is all some whirlwind romance and he’s asked me here to meet her and tell me all the fun things they’ve been doing. The places they’ve been. Two, he got some lead on a new kind of creature? He decided to chase it down… and just didn’t bother telling anybody what was happening for the last several months.

Neither of which makes any sense at all when you think about it. Andrew could have written me himself about them (or even emailed me). He wouldn’t send a weird note.

Which leaves only one option that fits. Something’s happened to him. Something bad. He’s in trouble, and I have to figure out a way to get him out of it.

Huh. Remember that guy I mentioned from the art exhibit? The one I thought looked like Andrew? I swear that same guy just went into the bar.

Midnight now. I guess I better head in.