Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sam Trammell: 'A main character is in big, big trouble'

It's been a crazy year both on screen and off for Sam Trammell and the cast of "True Blood." They've seen their show, which once seemed destined for cult-status, soar to unprecedented heights as every week more and more viewers discovered the most addictive show on television.

And with Sunday's finale promising death, destruction and devils, PopWrap caught up with the actor (who is nominated for Breakout Performance at the 2009 Scream Awards) to chat about what fans can expect to see go down in Bon Temps as Maryann's plan comes to fruition.

PopWrap: This season has really exceeded fans expectations -- how about yours?

Sam Trammell: When the writers told me the stories for this year -- having the whole town go crazy -- I thought people would either be totally onboard or we'd have some big problems. Thankfully fans took to it. This season felt like a show's last year -- we blew it out! I don't know how much crazier it can get, but I know the writers aren't playing it safe at all.

PW: I'd imagine with all those new viewers, more and more people are coming up to you asking what happens next.

Sam: It's funny, people will always ask and I pretend that I'm going to tell them and right before I say anything they go, "no, no, don't tell me." But it's a totally different vibe this year with people coming up and talking to me about how much they love the show, which is why we do it. It never ceases to amaze me how many different kinds of people watch the show -- young, old, black, white, it's a wide variety.

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