Saturday, September 12, 2009

TRUE BLOOD - Bites from the Cast

From Fangoria

It’s a long night on the set of TRUE BLOOD, which marks its season finale this Sunday on HBO. This evening, a mob of angry Texas vampires is squaring off against a cult of anti-vamp Fellowship of the Sun humans in a church. Despite the conflict for the camera, the cast and crew seem like they couldn’t be happier.

It’s a personally non-violent night for psychic heroine Sookie Stackhouse. Actress Anna Paquin doesn’t mind, but says she wouldn’t be opposed to having to mix it up for the camera, either. “On this show, I get beat up all the time. I mean, I’ve always been really active and I’ve done a decent amount of that [physical action] before. Not a lot, but that’s fun to me. I love that stuff.”

Paquin is likewise pleased about TRUE BLOOD’s following. “You never really know how people are going to react, but even just from people who enjoyed the books and were fanatical about that, there was a pretty good indication that people might be pretty into the show and they were, and that was awesome.”

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Rita said...

These were all great interviews
and brought a lot of insight into
how tough some of the things they
have to do so i applaud each one of
them for becoming actors that is so