Saturday, March 13, 2010

Charlaine Harris is unimpressed by True Blood Season 2 Voodoo sub-plot

Charlaine Harris has admitted that she is not keen on some of True Blood's sub-plots.

Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, praised show creator Alan Ball for staying "true to the spirit of the books", but said that she was less impressed with some of the minor stories.

"There have been some sub-stories that I wasn't as nuts about as others, but there hasn't been anything I've really hated," she told Digital Spy.

"I wasn't too keen on the voodoo story, but I see now why they introduced it in the second season. Once I saw it, it all made sense."

She added: "The plot has been altered quite a bit and there's more material that I didn't write because they're having to bring in the secondary characters and buff them up.

"There are some great differences, but as Alan promised me, he is staying true to the spirit of the books - and that's what I wanted."

From Digital Spy
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Rita said...

Well that is expected on some level,
i don't care what Alan Ball tells
that he will do you just know that
he is going to change some things,
so far i am fine with the changes.
But i do hope we see more of the
book along the way.

Sharon said...

I'm pretty unhappy with some of the changes. I can't even stand to watch MaryAnn scenes anymore. I just fast-forward through them. I'd pay extra for a DVD set that edited out that whole subplot. Well, it could leave in the part where Sam the bull gored her to death.

But I love the vampire parts, especially the Eric parts.

Emma B. said...

I agree with her, although I think almost all the changes in season 2 were for the worse...