Saturday, March 13, 2010

LIVE! From the Future..interview with Dawn ( Janice Herveaux) Olivieri

LIVE! From the Future...with Stuart Paap! Interview with Dawn Olivieri

SHE ONCE DATED ALCIDE !!!!!! wtf ? TMI !!!
at 28:00
watch interview here


Selle Castaigneda said...

When she started talking about werewolves, she almost seemed like she was feeling disdain or something. Seems like she's not that excited about doing True Blood nor is she jazzed about True Blood itself. It also seemed unprofessional to say that she and the actor who plays Alcide are exboyfriend/exgirlfriend and that they don't even speak to each other. That's the kind of comment viewers will remember and take note of when her character and Alcide have scenes together.

" Dallas " said...

You know I sure agree Selle !