Saturday, March 13, 2010

Charlaine Harris interview on SKY TV UK

True Blood makes great TV, but it wouldn't exist without Southern belle Charlaine Harris, author of the books behind the show.

We caught up with The Southern Vampire Mysteries writer to find out what she really thinks of the show, and get the gossip on her latest novel Dead In The Family.

Charlaine was keen to tell us how proud she is of what show boss Alan Ball has done with her creation, and even admitted to being jealous of a couple of his ideas.

We also got the author's opinion on what makes vampires so damn popular these days, as well as asking for her thoughts on rival vampire saga, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.

If you want the full True Blood experience (and don't mind a few spoilers along the way), enter our competition for a chance to win one of five signed sets of Charlaine's books.

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Rita said...

Well i think i understood that she
don't care for the Vampire Diaries
but you can't have every thing,but
still love her any way.

Sharon said...

Rita, I don't think she said she didn't like the Vampire Diaries, just that she hadn't watched them. After you and Dallas encouraged me to watch them, I watched the first 6 episodes but still could not really get into it. I also saw Twilight and did not care for it very much. I think it's because I just can't get into the whole teenage/high school thing. I managed it with Buffy, however. I loved Buffy and Angel both.

I really liked the series of Blood Ties and Moonlight, but unfortunately, they both were canceled too soon. They both involved adults rather than teens.

Guess I'm just getting old!

Rita said...

Sharon sorry i thought wrong,Twilight
is for a younger group,i liked New Moon better but still for younger
people.As you i like Buffy and Angel
to,i saw Blood Ties and Moonlight
loved it and of course they had to take them off,Vampire Diaries i do
really like as it is not so Twilight.
And like you i am getting old,and
another year will have gone by in
July don't tell any body though i will be 64 and starting to feel it
Joy!Joy! These days there aren't
that many shows that are worth
watching.But Dallas knows what i
like to watch.

Sharon said...

Don't worry, Rita. I'm about the same age - soon be able to get that social security. Hope I can keep working until then.

Another show I like that is still on is Supernatural. And there are others that are not paranormal in nature.