Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alan Ball uses Fanfic for True Blood Season 3 and Arlene is pregnant ?

Ho Hum - here come  the spoilers from those reviewer DVDs that HBO gives out that include the 1st episodes. It happens every year !

From TVAddict

Because waiting until the June 13 premiere, for lack of a better word SUCKS, I’m gonna need some TRUE BLOOD scoop! — Marlee
The TV Addict: Okay, here’s the deal. Despite having already had the pleasure of sinking our teeth into the first three episodes of the new season, we are not the least bit interested in spoiling one of the summer's true delights that is BLOOD’s trademark oh-no-they-didn’t-just-do-that moments by revealing, say… the circumstances surrounding Eric and Sookie’s first face-to-face of the season! What we will say is that creator Alan Ball may have spent a little too much time during his hiatus online because one particular scene from the premiere reads as if it was ripped directly from some very dirty wishful fan fiction.

As an ardent supporter of “Team Eric,” I simply have to ask: Which fandom will have a bigger smile on their face come June 13? — Melanie
The TV Addict: Again, not really something we want to spoil, except to say that regardless of what “team” you’re on — be it Eric or Bill’s — you’re in for a real treat. Particularly since not even Hollywood seems immune to these harsh economic times as evidence by what surely must have been an epic cutback in the HBO series’ clothing budget!

I demand at least one morsel of TRUE BLOOD scoop! — Bethaney
The TV Addict: Remember those out-of-control orgies Maryann was responsible for last season? Well as it turns out, being ‘responsible’ wasn’t exactly front of mind for one unlucky couple!

Just how big a role will werewolves play in the new season of TRUE BLOOD? — Sadie
The TV Addict: As we continue to keep our answers as ambiguous as possible, let’s just say that by the time the credits role on TRUE BLOOD’s third season premiere one thing will be abundantly clear: In his 173 years roaming earth, poor Bill Compton most definitely didn’t find the time to watch the Disney animated classic Beauty & the Beast.