Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why True Blood Kicks Twilight's Ass

The ultimate vampire showdown is hardly even a fair fight. Sookie vs. Bella! Bill and Eric vs. Frik n' Frak!With True Blood Season 3 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse both headed our way this month we here at IGN felt the need to set the record straight once and for all: TRUE BLOOD KICKS TWILGHT'S ASS!

It's true. True Blood wins. Easily. On almost every single conceivable level. It's hardly even a fair fight. It's like watching a bed-ridden asthmatic try to knock down a sequoia. By huffing and puffing. True Blood is a salaciously sinister and fiendishly fun series featuring insane characters filled with life and color. Twilight is a sniffly-nosed, dew-covered mope-fest filled with silence and shame. Yes, because of the "vampire factor", these two creative products share fans as there will always be fans of vampires no matter what movie they're in or what show they're on. Like everything else that exists in pop-culture there are apologists. But Twilight is listless and dreary. And it's not that we don't fully appreciate the forests and gravel roads of the Pacific Northwest as a backdrop, but Twilight wallows too much in the picturesque serenity of its locale and loses all sense of danger. It never effectively conveys the "horror" that lies behind the small town facade. It essentially targets eight year-olds (under the guise of a teen romance) by effectively de-evolving the entire genre.

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Rita said...

I am sorry Twilight just does not register
with me.True Blood is not for the very

Paromantasy said...

I agree with you. I have written a similar article being that Eclipse and season 3 of True Blood are making their debuts this month. According to my poll on, people are way more excited about True Blood. True Blood definitly kick Twilight's ass. Sorry Twilighters, True Blood wins in the battle of the fang!