Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sookie and Bill : In Sookie's dream she and Bill frolic in the waves

    We remember in True Blood Season 1 this image from Sookie's dream of living a normal life with Bill. In the dream,  she comes down for breakfast in the morning and he's sitting at the table reading the newspaper and has made her a huge breakfast spread. She quickly realizes it's daytime and Bill shouldn't be out in the day time- by the time she can say anything , he's burst into flames- this makes her wake from the dream with a start.

Then I saw this photo and thought that this must be yet another wonderful Sookie dream sequence . Remember at the end of Season 1 when she and Sam talk about taking a trip to the coast ?( I don't think anyone would want a trip to the Louisiana gulf coast right now! )Maybe in this dream she dreams of taking just such a trip with Bill.

Isn't this just what it would look like ?

Ha! ;-)


Rita said...

Loved the ocean thought to i could see
that happening.