Monday, June 14, 2010

Becca Wilcott: ‘True Blood’ primer and season 3, episode 1 recap

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Becca Wilcott is the author of Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion (ECW Press), and will be recapping this season of True Blood on The Ampersand. Find her at and follow her on Twitter @BeccaWilcott.
#waitingsucks. Or so says the rabid Twitter True Blood fan base. With last night’s Season Three premiere, the wait ended. And it didn’t suck. Literally. There was a surprising lack of feeding. You’d almost think True Blood was a show about — gasp — relationships!
For those new to the show, True Blood is an ensemble “pulp opera” that so far has introduced us to real vampires who live in mainstream society, able to survive on a synthetic blood replacement. One such vampire is Bill Compton, who at the end of Season Two has just proposed to his girlfriend, the telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie initially expresses hesitation — things have been pretty messed up in Bon Temps — but after some reflection in the  powder room, she bounds out with an enthusiastic yes, just in time to miss seeing Bill dragged off by unidentified kidnappers.


Rita said...

I think Becca Wilcott pegged it about
right really liked her review i give her
5 stars,thanks Becca.