Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood Premier parties send me your pics and recipes!!!

Viking Vamp writes  ....
What a premier! Couldn’t have asked for more!
You know me- it isn’t a premier or finale without some True Blood Themed eats, and last night was no exception! Dubbed the Bon Temps Buffet, I tried to go the extra mile this time! I wanted to send you some pics from the shindig at my house last night!

First- the eats! I made Shifter Burgers which was a turkey slider (homemade) topped with bacon and cheddar cheese, then surrounded by hamburger. With 5 mins left on the grill, I was topped off with Lafayette Sauce. These were fangtastic! I also took a “cross section pic to show what it looked like!
We also have And Bellfleur’ I know that Pig ribs with Terry’s PTSD Sauce and a side of “Arlene where’s my corn” on the cob! And some delish Debbie Pelt’s Crazy Bitch Sausage, Peppers & Onions!
As all he guess have kids and we didn’t want them left out- I made Fangtasia Floats! 2 different varieties- root bee and sprite! The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED ’em! 


Janel said...

I made the most awesome sangria it had:
White Zinfandel
True Blood Beverage
and vodka

Let it sit overnight and enjoy.