Monday, June 14, 2010

‘True Blood’s Alan Ball: The Series Could Run As Long As The Books

After Sunday night’s hot season premiere of ‘True Blood,’ many fans are probably hoping the series will live forever, just like the vampires it chronicles.  However, most HBO series are decidedly mortal.  ‘The Sopranos‘  and ‘Sex and The City‘ lasted six seasons, ‘Six Feet Under‘ and ‘The Wire‘ lasted five.  ‘Deadwood‘ only lasted three.  ‘True Blood’s’ creator Alan Ball thinks that the series has the potential to beak HBO’s longevity record and run almost as many seasons as ‘Law and Order.’
Ball explained, “I think ‘True Blood’ could run longer than ‘Six Feet Under’ [also created by Ball] because of the supernatural element.  There’s just so many areas to create stories that we didn’t have on ‘Six Feet Under’.  Literally by the fourth season we started to hit the wall.  It was like what about –oh no we did that in season two.  But because of the supernatural element in ‘True Blood’ I feel like it could continue much longer.”


Rita said...

Well i for one hope it will last as long
as the books would be wonderful,let us
just hope.