Monday, June 21, 2010

'True Blood': World War II -- now with 90% more vampires

Let's talk vampire politics, shall we?

I mentioned last week that I like "True Blood" more and more the farther it gets from its central conceit: that of a human woman and vampire man falling in love. I found the show's first season, which focused on this relationship to an absurd degree, only fitfully interesting. The second season, which expanded the number of characters and settings the show would visit, was more fun for me, but I still wasn't fully on board with the show as a whole, finding certain elements of the season (particularly anything involving Michelle Forbes) to be several steps too far. The reason I'm liking Season 3 so far has everything to do with how the show has split up its central couple (while keeping them "together," for the Bill and Sookie fans) but also with how it's getting into some pretty bizarre notions of, like, vampire feudalism or something.

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Rita said...

Well Russell is quiet something else and
want to marry the queen and right in her grave to i would say.The weres are really
stupid they just don't follow orders,and
Talbot i think is a bit kinky,i hope the
bit with Bill throwing that lamp was real
but i think it was in his mind.Calvin
Norris now that is not how i pictured him
or Hot Shot but maybe things will change,
Glad Lafayette is feeling his self again.
Jason was not to bad,hope things get better for Tara but i don't think so for
a while,I fear that Bill is in for a
rough time,i like the parts with Eric
and Sookie they were not stupid.Eric
and Godric is always good to see and
what they were hunting for or who.
Pam and Jessica are something else ,Pam
is going to teach her every thing she
knows,i will be glad when Sookie gets
her house back to what it was.And has a
lot of balls,the queen i think is going
to be in a lot of trouble she needs to
goshe is terrible.