Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood S3 Episode 2 " Beautifully broken" subtitles

Did you not catch all the great lines from last night's episode?

Pam to Jessica on how to stop herself when feeding "I think about crying children with soggy diapers.Also maggots."

Lafayette to Tara "Look,the Buddhists weren't lying when they said life is suffering."

Sookie and Eric
E "You're going to invite me in so I can protect you.Or have passionate primal sex
with you.How about both?"

S "You're not gonna distract me by talking nasty."

Terry' list for Arlene
Ten reasons why you can trust me with your kids.
Number one: I'm a nurturer.I found a baby armadillo by the side of the road
and I nursed it. Now it sleeps under my bed,and its name is Felix.

Number two: I have a diploma from anger management, where I learned talking about your feelings is the manly thing to do.

Number three: I never killed nothing by accident.

True Blood 3.02 Subtitles