Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood-Bath: Vampires! They Die Just Like Us!

It’s not enough for the human characters of True Blood to live peacefully among vampires (and now werewolves); it seems at least one of them always has to be doing something stupid. In Season Two it was Jason Stackhouse’s sudden infatuation with a church-hating vampire; in Season Three, it appears, it will be Tara’s reckless, suicidal behavior after the death of Eggs, a guy she knew for, what, a week?

Oh yeah, about those werewolves. I’m not sure how frightening they’re actually supposed to be considering that every time one appears on screen it’s getting its ass kicked by a vampire. The episode begins with the image of Bill with a bloody wolf ear in his mouth. He’s surrounded by so many bodies sprawled out, crying in agony, that it rivals only an average World Cup soccer match, only here, Bill’s red card would have been fully earned. (Come to think of it, I would love to hear how Bill Compton would pronounce “Kaká.”) The episode ends with Eric about to tear apart a werewolf. And, in between, there’s a flashback to Eric and his maker, Godric, in Nazi Germany, as an S.S., killing the “were-bitch” (I swear to you, this is how the credits list that character’s name). At this point I think I’d be less afraid of True Blood’s werewolves than I would be of the Shmoo or Blinky the Pac-Man ghost breaking into my apartment.

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Anonymous said...

you got it wrong...Jason signed up with a VAMPIRE-hating church...NOT a church-hating vampire!