Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Talk about spoilers: True Blood season 4 to be based on the book " Dead to the World" by Charlaine Harris

We know Alan Ball has said he will be basing each season of True Blood on a Sookie Stackhouse book, therefore Season 4 will be based on book four which is " Dead to the World"

This is the book when Sookie does "hook up" with the amnesic Eric. 

Wikipedia plot summary :
This novel takes place at the end of December, three weeks after the events of Club Dead. Bill and Sookie have broken up due to his betrayal with Lorena. He informs Sookie he is going to Peru at the beginning of the book. Shortly after Bill’s departure, Sookie, on her way home after working at Merlotte’s New Year’s Eve party, finds Eric running for his life with bare chest and feet. He has a forlorn look, an expression Sookie has never seen in the confident Eric. Eric does not recognize her, he knows he is a vampire, but he does not know who he is. Sookie takes him to her home, washes his feet and calls Fangtasia to let Pam know that she has found Eric. The next night, Pam and Chow come to her house and explain to her that several nights ago a group of witches arrived in Shreveport. Pam explains to Sookie the true nature of witches revealing that real witches can do plenty of bad things to vampires because witches control magical forces. This group seems to be more powerful than other witches and they either want to take over Eric's businesses or make Eric pay them money to leave him alone. The leader, Hallow, and her brother threatened Eric that they would curse him by turning Fangtasia's alcoholic drinks bad, and cause patrons to trip over the dance floor and sue them, which would badly affect Fangtasia’s revenues. Pam tells Sookie that a witch had come with a message from Hallow saying that Hallow lusted for Eric and asked him if he would entertain her for seven nights, she would only demand a fifth of his business, rather than half. Eric had refused and suddenly vanished from the office where they were discussing this offer. Eric says he does not remember anything and that he was born the moment he was running down the road. Pam and Chow asked Sookie to keep Eric safe while they solve the problem with the witches. Later Sookie learns through Holly Clearly (another waitress at Merlotte's) that this coven of witches have a lot of power that they are willing to use for evil, that they drink vampire blood and that they are werewolves as well. Holly also tells Sookie that this new coven has called all local witches and Wiccans to join them. Furthermore, Sookie learns that her brother, Jason, is missing and starts looking for him. Sookie informs Alcide Herveaux of the existence of this werewolves-witch coven in Shreveport and heads to Hotshot to speak to Crystal Norris (a were-panther) as she was the last person Jason was seen with.
Throughout all these chaotic events, Sookie and amnesiac Eric’s relationship grows, and they begin a sexual affair. Sookie is physically and emotionally attracted to this gentle and caring Eric. Sookie is happy to be with Eric, a man who has told her she was beautiful, and who had not only given her sexual pleasures, but also had held her and laughed with her. He starts calling her “lover” and they admit to each other that they have feelings towards one another. This Eric even offers to Sookie that he will stay with her forever, to work and help her, and he tells her that she will never be poor.
The novel reaches its climax when the Shreveport pack, the Area Five’s vampires and the local Wiccans fight together against Hallow and her coven. The coven is defeated and Hallow is kept alive so she could un-hex Eric’s memory loss, and Pam kills her afterwards. But before Hallow can reverse the curse on Eric he and Sookie go back to her house to find Debbie Pelt waiting with a gun. Eric takes the bullet for Sookie who then kills Debbie. Eric discards her body once he has recovered from the gunshot wound. When Eric gets his memory back, he has no recollection of his time with Sookie.
Eventually, Sookie, Sam and Calvin Norris discover that Felton Norris (Calvin and Felton are both werepanthers from Hotshot) was keeping Jason captive because Felton is in love with Crystal and did not want to see Crystal with Jason. Felton has bitten Jason several times and Sookie is afraid that her brother will turn to a werepanther in the next full moon. Calvin decides to punish Felton and it is implied that Felton is killed.

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Anonymous said...

I love this book, one of my favorites!!!
It will be interesting to see how Alan Ball will interpret DTTW. There has to be a shower scene ;)
And also can't wait to see Alexander interpret the role :)