Friday, July 16, 2010

Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con Preview : TRUE BLOOD’S NEW BLOOD


 This week’s Entertainment Weekly welcomes five new characters to the True Blood family: Denis O’Hare (as Russell Edgington), Theo Alexander (as Talbot), Lindsay Pulsipher (as Crystal), James Frain (as Franklin Mott), and Joe Manganiello (as the werewolf Aclide). EW talks to the new stars about what it’s like working on the provocative hit series.

O’Hare discussed feeding time – the show’s fake blood is made of a sugary syrup, and for O’Hare, getting the unappetizing goo down is just a matter of commitment.  “If you’re in the moment, it’s actually really fun,” he says.  “It’s only after, when you’re thinking about it, that you get the shakes.”

 Manganiello opens up about being nude on camera. “You have three options,” says the actor of the show’s penis-covering protocol. “A sock, a thong, and the ‘manty’ or man panty. You can go sans sock, [but] I come from a good Pittsburgh up-bringing that raised me to wear a sock.”

 Frain, who has also starred on Showtime’s The Tudors, says that wearing the regal period clothing during that show was much more of an occupational hazard than the costumes on True Blood.  “You’ve got on a fur coat, jacket, shirt, and we’re indoors in the summer shooting and they couldn’t use the AC because it makes too much noise,” he says.  (Feature, Page 58)


ByteMeBill said...

Just read my copy last night! GREAT picture of the New Blood!