Friday, July 16, 2010

'True Blood' #1 Review: When Vampires, Shape-Shifters And Tentacle Creatures Collide

If the "True Blood" television series and the original Sookie Stackhouse novels aren't enough to satisfy your craving for all things Bon Temps, don't worry — series creator Alan Ball is doing bad things to you in comic book form now, too.
Released through IDW Publishing, the first issue of the "True Blood" comic book series arrives in stores later this month, courtesy of a story from Ball and television series writers Kate Barnow and Elisabeth Finch. The issue itself was written by the team of Mariah Huehner and David Tischman with art from David Messina.
Want to know whether or not the first issue is worth sinking your fangs into? All you need to do is hit past the jump for our advanced review of "True Blood" #1!

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Rita said...

Now is this going to be in all stores that sale comic books or special stores?

" Dallas " said...

HBO store for now

Rita said...

Thanks Dallas!