Friday, July 16, 2010

'True Blood': A Tale of Two Taras

Ever wonder what your favorite TV show would be like if a different actor played one of the main characters? True Blood fans don't have to use their imaginations. The TV blog Remote Patrolled just posted footage from the HBO show's original pilot, where the character Tara was played by an alternate actress:

Here's True Blood's Tara—Sookie's spiky best friend who's now immortalized by Rutina Wesley

But Rutina wasn't the first actress to play Tara. Check out Brook Kerr—the original Tara—in a memorable scene from the vampire saga's first episode.

Kerr is best known for playing Whitney on the soap opera Passions for 8 years on NBC. She left the role in 2007—straight into True Blood—but was replaced after filming the unaired pilot. No official reason was given.

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Rita said...

I remember Brooke Passions was a great
soap,but i have to agree she just did not
fit the part of Tara but don't get me wrong she is a great actress.

Emma B. said...

Omg, the show would be soo different if she'd have played Tara. A lot WORSE!