Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Field Guide to Vampire Myths

No matter how unbelievably sexy film and television vampires get, they can still be a dangerous breed.
Therefore, it’s important to know how to best defend yourself against these creatures of the night. But to understand the best methods of vampire slaying, one must understand where they came from. Check out our guide to where these auxiliary vamp myths came from, and if you think you’re ready, go peruse our exhaustive history of pop-culture vampires.
Garlic as a protection against evil was a common folklore trope, though there are many theories about how the idea of vampires fearing garlic came about. Many ancient cultures thought garlic had supernatural healing powers, so the myth could have taken root in these traditions. notes that garlic was used as a natural mosquito repellent and suggests that the idea of garlic blocking the bloodsuckers could have come from that.

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