Thursday, July 1, 2010

True Blood - Allan Hyde Interview

Did you already know either the show of True Blood or the books by Charlaine Harris, at the time you were casted for the role as Godric?
ALLAN: When I got cast I did not know anything at all. I did do my research as soon as things were looking as if stuff might happen and was astounded of how huge the project and phenomenon was and still is.

Most of the cast members know each other since the beginning of the show. So how has your first day on set been with all the people, who are already such a well-rehearsed team?
ALLAN: Everyone is great. Really nice people and amazing actors. They made it very easy for me. Though it was nerveracking, borderline terrifying to play everything that calm and so small with the appropriate confidence when everyone around you is someone you admire and want to impress. It took a lot of me to stay true to my ideas and not over-compensate.

Allan or Godric... is there anything which you share with the character?
ALLAN: I have gone through the same stuff Godricv has gone through in my own life but on a much smaller scale. I have experienced having an epiphany if you may about stuff I had been doing that was not nice at all. This I applied in the character and intensified out of proportions.


Rita said...

I'm glad we get more Godric just was not
enough in season 2.