Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Stills From 'True Blood' Released of "9 Crimes"

"" might have skipped 4th of July to avoid low rating intake but HBO was not going to leave its fans with nothing for a week straight. The network released a set of new stills which can be spoilery for the curious minds.

One of them shows Tara and Jason in a hospital but it is unclear who they are visiting. The rest capture a pissed Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Jessica and Sam by Merlotte's jukebox, Lafayette frowning at something and Lorena in a car as well as behind Bill while he makes a call, presumably to Sookie.

see them


Rita said...

I believe that it is Ruby Jean that is
dead,that is what Jesus is telling Lafayette,and the queen is to be caged
then we have Bill calling Sookie whille
Lorena is in a car on her way to get some
one in trouble.

linda said...

How can I not comment on Bill's chest! *perfect*
What would make the picture 100% perfect would be Lorena photoshopped out of it.
Where is Sookie and her stake?