Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'True Blood': A little talk among fans to tide us over

Hey there, "True Blood" fans. I know it's a holiday weekend, so you're probably out enjoying yourselves, but I also know there's no new "True Blood" on Sunday night, so you're not enjoying yourselves that heartily. You're maybe at a cookout, having a burger or a hot dog, maybe a few potato chips, and you're laughing and joking with family and friends, but underneath all of that, you're thinking, "Man, I wish 'True Blood' were on tonight. I need some fireworks after the fireworks, if you know what I mean." Well, that's why I'm here. And although this may not keep the sting of no new episode away, it will give you happy memories of a time when Bill was twisting Lorena's neck around in the midst of coitus. That oughtta spice up the patriotic parades!

Frequent commenter KarenJ dropped me an e-mail this week, talking about how many blog posts she'd read from fans of the book series the show is based on. Karen disagrees with their approach:

"Fans of the book series all seem to mention how 'easy' it is for them to follow the convoluted and multiple plots of the show - based on the books. And how they 'get-it' based on the books.

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