Tuesday, July 6, 2010

True Blood: Jace Everett's Ominous Theme Song "Bad Things"

Jef does not take the week off!!!
Good sex always requires a refractory period, a cooling off while you restring your crossbow. We don't know if twisting a girl's head around in the middle of a hump session counts as good sex, but it definitely counts for a little time out. While, the crew in Bon Temps recovers, Gothtopia would like to talk to you about the most awesome theme song ever.

Believe it or not, Gothtopia was actually a little hesitant about watching True Blood. Like a lot of people our age, we sort of overdosed on Anne Rice in high school. Vampire fiction is like alcoholism. If you have a problem with it, you always have a problem with it. So we avoided the Sookie Stackhouse novels until we were told, in no uncertain terms, by our wife that Sunday night was going to be True Blood night. Any leftover uncertainty was blasted away the first time we heard Jace Everett's theme song, "Bad Things."

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Rita said...

Well i have to say i love his music,it
may sound dark and ominous but it has some thing that keeps you coming back,
when i was younger i listened to Dwayne
Eddy he had the same getiar sound but on
the lighter side,it only comes around
once in a while and i will enjoy it while
i can.