Friday, August 6, 2010

Alan Ball’s next literary adaptation “All Signs of Death,”

Now that he’s brought Charlaine Harris’ Bon Temps to television screens worldwide, Alan Ball has turned his eye to another literary adaptation. He’s producing and directing a pilot for a series called “All Signs of Death,” based on Charlie Huston’s thriller The Mysterious Art of Erasing All Signs of Death (which got a 2009 Edgar nod for Best Novel).

The book is about an LA slacker who cleans crime scenes for a living—and then becomes entangled in the underworld himself.

“The show is about contemporary Los Angeles, but not the glamorous LA, it’s about the dirty underbelly of LA,” Ball said in an interview with Deadline Hollywood. “We’re going to try to go against the grain, away from the overlit, stylized noir for a more frantic, contemporary, naturalistic style.”

Ball discovered the book through Charlaine Harris, who included it in a boxed selection of her favorite reads. He and Huston became friends, so when Huston decided to pitch the book as a TV series, he ran the idea by Ball—who snapped it up. Will it be the next “True Blood”? We’ll find out.