Friday, August 6, 2010

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer on Playing Pam

kristin-bauer-main.jpgFor the perfect example of someone who can do a lot with just a little, just check out True Blood’s scene stealer Kristin Bauer. As Pam, the stylish second-in-command vampire to Bon Temps big shot Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), it often falls to Bauer to swan into a scene, casually toss off the episode’s best lines, and leave a lasting impression in just a few minutes. She talked to Movieline about how she does it.
Pam is such a huge fan favorite. Are you aware of how much people like her?
You know, I’ve been hearing that, but there’s really no way for the actor to have a good feeling for that. Right now, I’m in my house doing my to-do list because we’re leaving the country for a month, I’m answering emails, I went and got groceries today…somehow, there’s no way for that [fan attention] to get into your cells! It’s so nice to hear, and it’s definitely a product of how amazing the show’s creators are, and the wardrobe. It’s a big collaboration to create such a great character, so it doesn’t feel like I’m walking around like, “Aren’t I wonderful?

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Rita said...

You know no more than we get to see Pam
she just grows on you more.

Lady Jane said...

what a lovely person she is