Friday, August 6, 2010

Top 10 things you want to see in the last 5 episodes of True Blood Season 3?

Top Ten from ..What would be your top 10 things you want to see in the last 5 episodes of True Blood Season 3 ??? Sound off and I'll make a great post out of it for the weekend! There might even be a prize ;-)

We Richmond.comers love the HBO series "True Blood." Here are the Top 10 things we’d like to see happen this season on 'True Blood.' (Warning: spoiler alerts; probably.)
Kill Off Tara
Sorry! But how much bad luck can one girl get? First her alcoholic mother convinces her she’s possessed, then she falls in love with a zombie, then she turns into a zombie herself, then her zombie boyfriend dies and now she’s kidnapped by a vampire. It’s just too much to take. Plus, really didn’t need that visual of her chomping on that vampire’s neck. Bleck.
And Speaking of that Vampire
Franklin needs to go right behind Tara. What’s with those teeth? We get it; he’s a vampire, but is it just us or are those teeth just wrong on him.

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Rita said...

I would like a lot less Mickens family,
Franklin to be gone,and life like fairies
not dream like.

Anonymous said...

I agree Rita, about the life like fairies. If you have read the books, Claudine is supposed to be Sookie's real life fairy god mother, that lives in the human world.

So my hopes for the end of this season are:

1)Definitely less Mickens... maybe not Tommy if he stays with Sam, but SaggyUnderpants and TerribleMomma need to go.

2)MORE ALCIDE! I love Joe in this role. In my mind, he fits Alcide's description in the book perfectly. I mean come on what a hunky were!!

3)No more Jesus... I like Lafayette they way he is. I have a feeling he'll be back probably as a witch, but I wasn't a fan of the flirty shy Lafayette. He's a outright gay drug dealer that doesn't take anybody's shit so back off Jesus!!

4)Sookie needs to get over her infatuation with Bill and realize what a slimy shit he is. I mean obviously from the folder Franklin found at his house he's been spying on Sookie for the Queen. Wake up hunni he fucked you over and drained you dry...

5)MORE PAM! I love Kristin Bauer. She's so sassy, fashionable, and totally nailed Pam's character.

6)Jessica and Hoyt need to get back together. I personally hate Summer and her slutty biscuits.

7)MORE DEBBIE! I know she's a psycho Were addicted to V, but she's fiesty and now that her wolf's dead is she gonna stick with the Hellhounds? We all know she's gonna come after Alcide, since she promised she would sniff him out... Brit is an excellent actress and I hope they don't kill her off this season!!

8)Eric gets revenge! What's gonna happen now that he's sworn fealty to the one vampire he's been hunting down all these centuries? Ahh I can't wait to find out...

9)Bring on the witches! We know they're coming but will it be this season or next?!

10)Sookie Hookup?! Ok we're over Bill bring on the next suitor! What better why to nurse her back to health then with a hot (or cold depending you're supernatural preferences) beef injection?!