Monday, August 30, 2010

'True Blood': The center cannot hold- LA Times

We are sooooo smart on Talk Blood Radio this is what we've been talking about for weeks. Bookies you have to read this article !!

After Sunday night's episode of "True Blood," it's becoming immensely clear that not all of the storylines the show is spinning are going to come to closure points by the end of the season or tie together in any way, shape or form. The question, then, becomes whether the individual storylines were entertaining enough to keep the show afloat or whether you think the lack of cohesion has fatally damaged this season. I realize I should pick a side in this fight, but I think this season has been the best for "True Blood" while simultaneously being the worst. The main plot has been riveting throughout, helped out by splitting up Sookie and Bill and giving them each compelling plot threads and by casting Dennis O'Hare as the villain. Any time one of those three or Eric was on screen, the season has been terrific, more or less.

But "True Blood" is a massive, massive show, and that means those characters can't always be on screen. The show solved this last season by splitting all of the characters up into two storylines. The storyline in Dallas — wherein a bunch of the characters confronted a band of fundamentalist Christians bent on wiping out vampires — was often fun. The storyline back in Bon Temps — wherein most of the other characters were enraptured by the machinations of a maenad named Maryann — was less consistent, but it certainly had its moments, and it had the side benefit of involving every character who wasn't in Dallas. That meant that the show didn't need to go out of its way to incorporate a scene featuring Sam or Andy every week, because both characters were involved in the Maryann storyline.

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Rita said...

Have to disagree with you about the show,i
thought it is the best season yet,and Pam
calling Bill a tween was so funny.