Monday, August 30, 2010

True Blood craftin' with staysea

staysea says ....I had a hard time tring to figure out what pattern to do for Bill Compton.  All of my blocks are 50 x 50 and that doesn't allow for a lot of room to do anything with to much detail.  I got the idea when in season 3 they panned the camera to show Bill's sons grave.  I thought....I think I saw Bill's grave in a Season 1 episode.  And found out that in Season 1, Episode 6 Cold Ground.  It shows a photo of Bill's grave.  Excuse the photo.  I had to take a photo of the Screen to get this photo....My cross stitch is just an inspiration.

If you would like a pattern just email me at vampire craftin at gmail.

Happy craftin 


linda said...

Thank you Dallas for all things True Blood.
I'm an avid stitcher and Bill lover, and this project is just small enough to finish by Halloween. I will send Staysea an email, great design!.