Monday, August 30, 2010

True Blood's Sookie and Bill: Who would we be if we were normal?

 just loved this exchange between Sookie and Bill last night

SS-I am done with this shit.
BC-That's why we need a fresh start.We'll be free of it, I promise you.
SS- What would that be like? Who would we be if we were normal?
BC-It's hard to even picture it.
SS-Would we live in gran's?
BC-Both. We'd be married, happily married.
SS-And I'm not a waitress anymore.I'm... I'm going to college.No, I'm a real estate agent, and I'm really rich.
BC-I teach third grade and I love my job.
SS-We'll have a... a big flower garden.
BC-We grow vegetables.
SS-Tara comes over for dinner and sometimes we doubldate with Arlene and Terry.
BC- And I go fishing with Jason.
SS-We don't even know Eric Northman.
BC-Everything is peaceful.