Wednesday, August 11, 2010

True Blood : Spoiler chat from Kristin

From Kristin EOnline

Rebecca in Los Angeles: How about some True Blood scoop? The last two episodes were crazy-ass good! Will we be seeing more of Hadley?
I know! Emphasis on the crazy and the ass. I think I've learned more about human anatomy from True Blood than in all my previous science classes combined. Thanks, Professor Ball! Anyhoo, I'm hearing that True Blood is expandin their "Fairy World" set, which I assume (whomp me over the head if I'm being dense) was the heaven-like world we saw in Sookie's near-death experience in last week's show? Also, I'm pretty sure there are vampires on this show, but don't quote me on that. Also, I'm told Alan Ball is now prepping to shoot his new pilot All Signs of Death on the same studio lot as True Blood, so we can look forward to more good TV—and hopefully no less involvement from A.B. on T.B.

Kaycee in Tampa, Fla.: On True Blood, I'm loving that Hadley is getting more screen time. Will we be seeing more of her?
What in fang's name is she hiding from Sookie?! Well if you want just one more week, little ol' Hadley will be introducing her cousin to another family member. Lindsey Braun also tells us that she's really enjoying exploring her sexuality on the show, so we'll no doubt see more of Hadley and the Queen in weeks to come. Just when you thought Bon Temps couldn't get any hotter...

Humphrey in N.J.: Are Sam's parents gone for good on True Blood?
If you like your shifters dark and dangerous, keep a close eye on Sam Merlotte. This guy is headed for a serious freakout...and it ain't gonna be pretty.