Wednesday, August 11, 2010

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 8

Team Talk Blood member Mark Blankenship's " Sucker Punch " for Ep 8

True Blood races back to form with “Night on the Sun,” an episode that returns us to the season’s fascination with the unavoidable sacrifice of love.

This time, though, the iris expands so that we can see the sacrifices of love compared to the casualties of lust. And because the results in both cases tend to be violent,  we’re asked to consider how similar the two impulses really are—how a visceral passion is sometimes just filled with viscera, no matter how we define it.

To drive that point home, this episode bursts with characters who are hunting. And I don’t mean “hunting for meaning in their lives.” I mean they are actually hunting other living creatures, be they wolves, humans, shifters, or Sookie.
The addition of all this hunting—and in some cases, the capturing—feels absolutely appropriate for this point in the season. There are only four episodes left, so now’s the time to make good on the promises of action we’ve gotten all summer. Now’s the time for the cocked pistols to be fired, and the results are exhilarating.

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Rita said...

I love this episode,going from a break up
to death,and crazy freaky mad sex.
And V Wolf vs Fairy Girl.Love it Mark!

linda said...

Great Sucker Punch from Mark and mind blowing episode. Every episode is the best!