Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keep It Or Dump It: True Blood Characters It's time to thin the herd on HBO's most popular show, and its most overpopulated.

** Rita this mentions Bud Dearborn!

True Blood finishes its third season Sunday fully entrenched as the most popular series on HBO, so the producers have every reason to believe they have hit on a winning formula. But despite the deaths of several important minor characters in midseason, there's still a feeling that individual True Blood episodes still have too much going on, too many secondary characters whose stories are almost totally separate from the main plot threads.

A typical week might find us spending a minute with Sookie and Bill, then back at Fangtasia with Eric, then hanging out with Lafayette and Jesus, then over to Merlotte's to see what idiocy Arlene and Tommy are up to, then out with Jason as he tries to become a cop, then parked in a car with Hoyt and his silly girlfriend Summer ... it's just too much time taken up by characters we don't care about.

This Keep It Or Dump It installment puts the supporting characters of True Blood under the microscope to determine if they still have some life left in them, or if it's long past time for them to meet the true death. We're sparing Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) up front, as they are clearly the leads on the series. I'm also not relying on knowledge of the Charlaine Harris source novels for clues as to what these characters may be up to in coming seasons; since I haven't read the books, I am going solely on what the series has told us about them thus far.

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Rita said...

Thanks Dallas,as it was said Bud will be back,just wondering if he was sick just
needed time off.Since he was in all the books i hope he stays on.

Anonymous said...

Good observations; many are on right on target.

I wondered if I was the only one who missed the OLD Lafayette.

But I had to remind myself that he was locked in a terrible basement for weeks and thought he was going to die constantly. He was subjected to horrors and shot. Now he is under Eric's thumb and forced to sell V, though he wants out. I guess he has a right to change.

Sharon said...

I, too, missed the old Lafayette and did not enjoy the all the voodoo/drug stuff with Jesus.

I also agree with most of the recommendations in this article. There are just too many storylines and not enough time for our vampires!