Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why True Blood Finale Disappointing

The Pam point is good -I've been wondering how Tara knew what a shifter was ?

Though the finale was days ago, the latest episode of True Blood is still a hot topic. Unfortunately, the chitchat is more about how lame it was than its few shocking moments. It seems that many of you agree with the sentiment, so here are your reasons why the True Blood finale was a disappointment.

  1. It doesn't leave us wanting more. "Once again a disappointing cliffhanger. Just like last year, I'm left not caring about the end. Obviously, Sookie will be back. The only highlight for me was Bill's secret finally being revealed. I've waited all season for Bill to go down. The rest of the episode didn't solve anything, just left everything open ended. I guess some people might enjoy that, but after dedicating the whole summer to the show, some big stuff could have at least gone down." — elramos
  2. Tara needs a better story line. "I kept hoping to see Tara drive off a cliff. I'm sick of valuable minutes being wasted on her. As manipulative and abusive as Franklin was, I actually felt bad for him that he fell in love/lust/whatever with her. I hope season 4 brings an end to Tara." — MeowAlyCat
  3. None of the series regulars are killed off. "I think the sense of urgency is kind of lost because in three seasons, not a single major character has died. Think about Lost. They kept the urgency going in the early seasons because the writers were not afraid to kill off a crowd favorite. As other commenters mentioned, we know Eric isn't going to die, and Bill isn't going to leave, and Sookie will be back, etc. Where's the drama?" — jadenirvana
  4. See the last two reasons when you read more.
  5. Sookie's fairy life is not that exciting. "This whole weird fairy thing bugs me. It's so campy and soap opera dreamy that I almost roll my eyes every time it comes on." — tlsgirl
  6. Not everything is explained. "I wasn't bowled over by the finale either. There were some things not explained (how did Pam know to get Eric out of the concrete, for example)." — jultritz


Brittany said...

Pam knew to get Eric out because he obviously "called" her. No, not with his cell phone - Bill stole that. Remember how Jessica found the spot where Bill had been after he was kidnapped and when Pam was at Sookie's house and Eric "called" her.

Tina said...

There was a reason that scene with Eric "calling" Pam while she was as at Sookie's house was included early in the season.

They DO explain this stuff - they just don't explicitly point it out. They expect you to do some thinking and connect the dots. That's what makes this show so much fun.

I'm loving the way threads from the early seasons were picked up and brought to fruition in this season. I loved the finale, and I was actually pleased not to have any cliffhangers - I was sure they were going to leave Eric in the concrete as a cliffhanger and I don't think I could have stood nine months of listening to people whine that he was dead.

" Dallas " said...

I think tons about this stuff and I dont see how Tara knew what a shape shifter was ..

I didn't love it but I like it - I hope the 'no cliffhanger' was smart.

alfstoria said...
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alfstoria said...
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" Dallas " said...

closing comments-- not going to have nasty comments or fighting -if we can't talk nicely then we won't talk