Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Should True Blood Fans Be Crying Wolf?

This does not make Dallas happy.. I think 'Your Face goes here' ( Ball) should address these concerns ( and yes,  I think real wolves ( most are hybrid ) can be used but they have to be very carefully handled.)

The latest season of HBO's True Blood ended on Sunday, and the wolves have a little time off — both the human actors playing werewolves and their animal counterparts. In case you had been wondering whether those wolves featured this past season were digital, they're not.
The growing popularity of the vampire genre has led to increased demand for wolf actors. The Wall Street Journal reported that, while big-budget movies like The Twilight Saga can afford computer-generated animals, many television producers turn to the real deal. It's a lot cheaper to rent a wolf than it is to rent a computer designer.
However, it seems like the decision to use creatures over computers was a creative one for True Blood. Executive producer Alan Ball touted the benefits of using real wolves: "Wolves are incredibly charismatic and very powerful creatures and you can't create a version of that that's as good as the real thing." Director Daniel Minahan also credits the decision to the writing team, not the budget department.

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layne1 said...

Good point. I can see how this is a problematic situation. These are wolf hybrids who might be created just for entertainment. If they become unhappy with acting or do not work out. They can not end up being "free to a good home."

Just because these wolf hybrids are well treated during their productive years doesn't mean they will have happy ending stories. It also doesn't mean their litter mates that didn't like acting had happy endings.

Gosh, I am getting depressed over how we treat animals in general.
I think I will have a beer and go to bed.