Saturday, September 11, 2010

'True Blood': Jace Everett on the songs that will begin and end Season 3

When one hears "Bad Things," the theme song to HBO's "True Blood," it sticks with you. Not only does it frame the series well, but the deep, haunting voice is hard to put out of your head. Jace Everett is the man who owns that voice. 

And when the show approached him, his country music career was ready for the jolt. He had previously been signed with Sony and after releasing an album with them in 2005, the label dropped him the next year.

"So really what was going on with me before ['True Blood'] was not a whole damn lot," Everett tells Zap2it. "I was working really hard and making very little money."


Rita said...

He has come a long way in the three seasons.