Saturday, September 11, 2010

True Blood's Rights and Wrongs

True Blood has had a funny season, hasn't it? At times it dazzles with wonderful characters and pure fun, and at other times it simply plays into its critics' complaints about it being too scatterbrained. For every person who claims to be the biggest fan of the show, there's another one-time fan who can't stomach the show anymore.
At times I've called the current season (the finale airs Sunday) the best season of the show and at other times I've called it the worst. Why is this happening? Because like every sentence in this article has implied so far, True Blood has been both good and bad this season. Let's review what went well and what went wrong.

Good: Some great new characters
Franklin Motte (James Frain), the psychotic freelance vampire, injected the right amount of crazy into the season, and Alcide (and his shirtless bod) made women (and some men) swoon.
Bad: Those characters were let go too soon
Just when Franklin won over everyone's hearts, a few wooden bullets went through his. Splish splash, a vampire guts bath. And Alcide and the rest of his werewolf friends completely disappeared towards the end of the season. I thought this was the Season of the Wolf? Here's hoping they'll be back for the season finale.

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