Saturday, September 11, 2010

'True Blood' Season Finale: What You Need to Know

True Blood's season finale airs on Sunday, wrapping up a summer of unfortunate kidnappings, unexpected deaths, and unanswered questions

What do you need to know to enjoy the episode, and what can you expect to happen during the finale?

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First, a recap of the season's plot so far: Werewolves exist, some werewolves are at the beck and call of a high-up vampire, Russell, who long ago killed Eric's family. Eric plots for revenge while Tara escapes an amusing but psychopathic vampire kidnapper and Sookie fights off Bill's persistent ex. Then Sookie realizes she is a fairy, with blood that functions as vampire sunscreen, thus making her extremely desirable to all vampires. Arlene discovers she is pregnant, unfortunately not by Terry but by serial killer Rene. Jason falls in love with a were-panther/dynastic-meth-dealer. Lafayette falls in love with Jesus (a guy, not the God-figure--probably), and both explore their magical backgrounds through the use of enjoyable but illegal drugs. Jessica and Hoyt seem to be reaching a rapprochement, though Hoyt's mama will fight it by all means necessary.

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Rita said...

I need to know it all,so bring it on.