Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skarsgard savors Swede success

It looks like there’s a new acting dynasty on the scene — from Sweden.
Actor Stellan Skarsgard has been on Hollywood’s radar for a bit, most recently playing Halle Berry’s therapist in “Frankie and Alice.”
That’s his eldest son Alexander as Eric Northman on “True Blood,” and son Gustaf was in the recent film “The Way Back.”
“Alexander was considered for several consecutive years the sexiest man in Sweden. He’s a very nice guy. But the Swedish film industry is pretty small so he left for the States and got the great role in ‘Generation Kill’ that propelled him into ‘True Blood.’

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Rita said...

Really love to watch them act.

Sharon said...

Alex always looks great, but I really prefer him clean-shaven. He's just too gorgeous to hide under all that scruff.