Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vampire movies : Vampire Circus 1972

Hmmm I used to love Hammer films - I dont remember this one 

Vampire Circus (1972) has been unavailable for so long to most horror fans, it’s become an almost legendary title that might lead to disappointment, and it’s easily possible to overpraise it. Non-horror fans may well find in it the things they don’t like about horror movies: unpleasant and queasy and exploitive and rather ramshackle. To those who know Hammer Films, however, especially during its declining years of the ‘70s, it’s a strange breath of fresh air.

It opens with a long pre-credits sequence that speeds in a whirl from the idyllic to the sinister to the outrageous. In a lovely forest, a nicely dressed lady (Domini Blythe) takes a little blonde girl by the hand and leads her away. An artist who witnesses the moment puts down his sketch pad and rises in alarm. He’s a bit slow to take action.

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