Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Are You Preparing for the Return of “True Blood”?

We are very happy that Brian and Andy will be returning for another fantastic season of Talk Blood Radio ...starts next week!

It’s pretty hard to miss the fact that this Sunday marks the return of HBO’s guiltiest of pleasures, the supernatural sex party True Blood.
Yes, this weekend we will cap off Gay Pride Week here in New York City by plunking down in front of our TVs to see what Sookie, Bill, Eric, Lafayette, Sam, Tara, Jessica, Hoyt, Arlene, Terry, Pam, and yes, even Teen Queen Sophie Ann have been doing since we last saw them. The return of the gayest show on television really is the ideal capper for a week celebrating individual freedoms, isn’t it?
Oh – except maybe the right to get married. That might work, too.
I’m excited about the return of True Blood and have been quietly working up to the premiere. How will you be welcoming the show’s return – a party? Wigs? Booze? I’d love

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