Saturday, June 25, 2011

'True Blood' stars dish season 4 spoilers - See videos

Although many of the "True Blood" stars tried to stay tight-lipped at the season 4 premiere screening in Los Angeles on June 21, some of the actors did dish some spoilers about the new season of the HBO hit series.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!
At the end of season three, Sookie Stackhouse discovered the truth about vampire Bill Compton's interest in her fairy heritage and was later transported to fairy world. Meanwhile her best friend Tara ditched Bon Temps after dealing with one too many supernatural beings.
"We've got a lot of elements, we've got a lot of things in the air this year," series star Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton, told reporters at the premiere. "I had very little to do with the witches, I do work with them a little bit and that been really fun. It's very new, something completely different. They have a power that we've never explored before. "
"I think that the tough thing for any writer that's doing a vampire show is to work out what is catnip and what is Kryptonite for the lead baddie, or the goodie - vampires," he added, "What is going to be something that can overpower them or something that is going to be attractive to them. So the witches are part of that element."
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