Saturday, June 25, 2011

True Blood: 10 Fangbangin' Facts About Season 4

What's in store for Sookie, Bill and Eric this summer? Why witches, fairies, panthers and politics of course.

  Spoiler Alert, True Bloodievers! If you don't want to know any hints about all the "something wickeds" that this way come for Season 4, it's time to back browser.
This Sunday, Season 4 of HBO's True Blood kicks off and IGN's here to give you a primer on the summer's new episodes. Now, let's face it: this show is divisive. You're kind of either "in," or "out." And with two disappointing season finales in a row, the Bon Temp ball's pretty much in Sookie's court to try and win back some of the support this show's lost over the past year.

But for book fans, this season, based loosely on Charlaine Harris' fourth Southern Vampire Mystery book Dead to the World, is what legions of ladies have been waiting for. So we're always ready to give a show a second chance. And a third. I mean, despite Season 3's lack of payoff, it did set up a few interesting things for this year; the big one being Sookie and Bill being over and done with. So let's take a look at 10 "fangtastic" (can I even use that word in this context?) things to look for this season. Yes, 10 reasons to check out all the undead hunks, southern spitfires, Cajun wolves, meth-addict panthers and magical fairies of Season 4!

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