Monday, August 1, 2011

Meredith's Comic Con 2011 - what to watch for !

I asked Meredith last night on Talk Blood Radio what 2 things (not TB related) that she learned about at Comic Con this year that she would suggest that Talk Blood listeners watch for during the next year ?

She unequivocally said 2 things, the movies: Knights of Badassdom ( with Ryan "Jason" Kwanten) and Attack the Block.

Why Knights of Badassdom is the ultimate adventure movie from
We recently talked to Knights of Badassdom director Joe Lynch, who showed us new footage from his LARPing-meets-demons movie. He explained why this movie avoids CGI, what genre this is, and why this is the most authentic LARPing movie ever.

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Why Attack the Block Really is The Wire With Aliens from
It's hard to define the brilliant British alien-chase movie Attack The Block in one line, but we've been calling it The Wire with aliens for some time now. And it turns out the film's star agrees with us.

In our exclusive interview with star John Boyega (who wonderfully captures the threatening corner kid, Moses), the actor delves into how he mined the beloved and bleak series The Wire for inspiration. Plus he shares his ideas for Attack the Block 2. Minor spoilers ahead.

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