Monday, August 1, 2011

Music True Blood: Neko Case and Southern Gothic by Jefwithonef from Houston Press

It seems so rare that in the world of True Blood we get to feel what the series so often teases that it will give us, namely love. Now, we know as sure as God made trees tall and Yetis reek that everything everyone in the show loves will be taken away, raped, beaten, and murdered simply because that's how modern TV works. There's no happy ending on the horizon for the people of Bon Temps.

Still... for this one brief episode it was possible to believe in the awesome power of love, mercy, and forgiveness. Sure, we saw two different people get possessed by powerful spirits who are surely going to wreak all kinds of havoc between now and the finale, and the last we see of Tara and her ambiguously Asian girlfriend is a rotting Pam rushing at them with a whole lot of murder on her mind. However, these are the sideshows.

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Rita said...

Oh! Jefwithonef i love your thoughts on
this episode it really had a lot of neaning.