Monday, August 1, 2011

'True Blood' Recap: Vampires, Witches, Werewolves - And Skincrawlers

The full moon adds another supernatural to the Bon Temps mix as Sookie and Eric get steamy

The full moon has all sorts of tricks up its sleeves in "I Wish I Was the Moon," an episode that means unpredictable behaviors for all of the Bon Temps-area supernaturals. But the common thread appears to be honesty — some species are practicing it; others are strictly avoiding it. As everyone shifts (or not, as the case turns out), the atmosphere raises the question: Is honesty really the best policy?
Bill's hatred of Eric hasn't been deterred by Eric's amnesia; if anything, the spell has given the king more fuel to get rid of his least-loved sheriff. When the episode kicks off, Bill speeds over to Sookie's, interrupting her and Eric's steamy session. It's not a good look for anyone — especially Eric, who has no idea who Bill is. After a near-fatal battle (Eric's strength is still firmly intact), Bill exerts his kingly power and takes Eric into custody. Sookie protests all the way, throwing Bill's theories back in his face: "You have a hell of a nerve lecturing me on lying." But it's too late. Bill tells her it's "strictly business. Vampire business," and that she will be arrested if she sets foot on his property again. Then Bill promptly fills in an impressed Nan and requests permission to impose the true death on Eric under the theory that he's more dangerous now as a potential weapon to the witches ("I suppose you're really broken up about it," she comments).

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