Monday, August 22, 2011

The True Blood Ménage à Trois You Never Knew You Didn’t Want!

Dreams (almost) came true (for some viewers) last night! We (almost) got to watch Bill and Eric gingerly cross their vampire swords, but Sookie was there and ruined it! Ah well, get ready for a face full of sexy vampire Sax Man and vaseline-smudged lenses — we're going into Sookie's brain.
It's Pro/Con time!
Pro: Snaps to True Blood for painstakingly planting the groundwork of the Vampire Tolerance Maypole Dance or whatever. Notice how True Blood made damn sure you knew the Tolerance Day was at hand right down to Nan's "I'll see you at that tolerance thing on the 29th" in the "Previously on True Blood" round-up? Because what is this show if not 100% logical. Making sure that the Tolerance Day has been well mentioned and planned, and not shoehorned into the plot as some giant event in which to set another vampire disaster. Nope. Having a fairy-troll-goblin run up and blurt "My sister and I have been fighting a fairy civil war for the fairy crown no you can't leave if you eat the fairy fruit now quickly jump into this fairy crevasse." But the Tolerance Day Fair? That took days to build up.

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Rita said...

Ialways enjoy your pros and cons some of them are os funny,i enjoy the show so