Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Blood finale: What major characters die and what dead characters rise from the dead ?

OK, I think with Ep 9 on the horizon - I've been thinking a lot about the season end, denouement and cliff hanger for S5 bk 5 ...

1.At Comic- Con Ball said "We lose a handful of major characters this season." Alan Ball

2. From the Ep 12 " And When I Die" description from HBO "spirits of the dead surface in Bon Temps, giving Sookie some valuable allies to combat Marnie’s newest incarnation."

So we will have some characters dying: Debbie, Tommy, Marnie, Jesus and Ginger ( remember she dies in the book) ? Who do you think and why ?

So what characters will rise from the dead to ally with Sookie ? Gran, Claudine ?? Who else ?

Also "denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face" V addicted weres lead by the resurrected Russell Edgington ?
What do you think the finale cliff hanger will be ??
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Jen said...

I think they are going to wait to kill Debbie...maybe. But Ginger is a must although I LOVE HER! think it will be as horrible of death as in the book?
Gran already returned once, I think she'll be back. Maybe w Grandpa Stackhouse?
Rumors keep popping up they kill Jessica, I hope that's not true...why can't they just kill Tara? PLEASE!

Queen of the Universe said...

I second that,kill Tara. I sometimes feel annoyed because they change story lines and they don't become "better" but this is one case where she annoys me everytime she opens her mouth.

Rita said...

I think Debbie,Tommy,Marnie,and Ginger
will die,i don't think jesus because i
read in an interview or some thing that he will be back next season.As for ghost
Gran and Granpa Stackhouse maybe Renae .

TechToolPro said...

I don't care as much, who dies as I do who will rise from the dead.... bring back Russell or Godrick or at least someone who can kill Marnie or whatever is possesses her and the fucking witches!!

Urno Talbot said...

Some ideas-
Sadly they jerked Scrappy Doo around a lot and he will be killed in someone elses skin. Maybe Marcus will see him as Sam and wack him. Also Debbie has to go as soon as she is back to her V swilling ways, I hope it's somewhat the same as in the books. Russell will be released by a construction worker's error, maybe a crack in the cement and the poor sap that goes to see whats what becomes Russell's first meal in over a year. The King will be HONGRY. I still keep wishing that Holly meets a gorey demise but Ball seems to like the character, too bad. If Hoyt gets turned to a vamp, I will not be upset, he would rock it and we can have a new Bubba for Jessica to love.

1EvilJessica said...

I think we will see the return of Godric.....because Sookie loved/s his progeny and is for the good of all or doing good and doing the right thing. It seems as if she is following his theory.

Lantana said...

Written off... Debbie(so sad for Alcide) Marcus, Luna(so sad for Sam). Marnie/Antonia, Holly. killed by Blackburn the older vampire.

Bring back your Dead.... Godric and how he has some impact on Pam becoming Eric's progeny.(Flash back)

I'm thinking introduction of an ambiguous character a voluptuous girl now vampire seeking revenge ie 1930's girl or the stripper in the club/limousine. Watch out Bon Temps may be Blackburn knows her ?