Tuesday, August 16, 2011

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 8

You may remember that last week, Marnie allowed her body to become a vessel for Antonia, so Martonia was born. This week, Lafayette’s body is invaded by the spirit of Mavis, the ghost-woman who’s been haunting Baby Mikey. Therefore, it’s time to welcome… LaMavis. Politely avert your eyes as she breaks into your house and steals your baby.

For me, LaMavis is the most interesting element of “Spellbound,” the first weak episode of this otherwise strong season. As a reader mentioned in an email, Nelsan Ellis deserves a prize for physically suggesting Mavis by straightening his shirt just so and adjusting his walk to an elegant glide. He plays Lafayette as a powerful character who is equal parts masculine and feminine, so when he heightens the femininity in LaMavis, we feel it right away. Once again, Emmy voters, I ask you where the love is.
Regarding the story, LaMavis is an important counterweight to Martonia: Marnie willingly gave her body to Antonia, but Lafayette’s body is taken, just like Jason’s body was “taken” in Hotshot and just like Tommy has “taken” (or shifted into) the bodies of Sam and Maxine. Will Lafayette resist? Is there a struggle for spiritual control raging inside his body? Remember that scene in Ghost where Oda Mae forces the ghost out of her body? Will Lafayette kick Mavis out that way? That would be awesome.

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Rita said...

This Sucker Punch was great,but like i
said in an other comment last night the baby must look like Mikey so Mavis thinks he is hers.And yes the house is problely
the same one.Mavis didn't get over the loss of her baby so now she is back to
get revenge.